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Since 1958, Pure Flo has been drawing drinking water from a crystal clear aquifer at the base of Cowles Mountain in the San Diego foothills, nearly a thousand feet below the surface. 57 years later, Pureflo still conveniently delivers fresh, crisp drinking water with the same dependable and friendly service as we always have.
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Our Water

We offer four types of water so you’re guaranteed to find a type that fits your needs & preferences.

  • Drinking

  • Purified

  • Fluoridated

  • Spring

Our most popular Pure Flo Drinking Water is drawn from a protected 910 foot well at the bottling site, it is then stripped of all minerals using reverse osmosis and electrodeionization. Minerals are then added back to create this delicious and refreshing water.

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Awards & Certifications

International bottled water association

Pure Flo Water Company a bottler member of IBWA, has successfully met the IBWA’s requirement for Excellence in Manufacturing Award by meeting the provisions of the Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices, The Principles of HACCP and Codex Alimentaruis HACCP.

United states congressional certificate

The United States Congressional Certificate of Achievement has been awarded to Pure Flo. Santee Chamber of Commerce awards Pure Flo medium business of the year.

San diego county board of supervisors

Certificate of Recognition awarded to Pure Flo medium business of the year award. Congratulations on being recognized by the Santee Chamber of Commerce during their Awards Night Celebration. Your dedication to the community is greatly appreciated.

California legislature assembly

Certificate of Recognition presented to Pure Flo in honor of Business of the Year, Santee Chamber of Commerce Medium Business.

State of california senate

In special recognition of your dedication to public service, community activism and distinguished leadership, and in honor of receiving the Santee Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award

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How often is Pure Flo water tested?

Pure Flo is tested by our own quality assurance personnel on an hourly basis. A weekly test of each product is sent to a California State approved independent laboratory for further testing. Once a year, an extensive test is performed by another State and Federal approved independent laboratory.

Is there BPA?

According to the state of California, you can be exposed to BPA when you consume foods or beverages packaged in these containers. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/BPA. Ask us about our BPA free bottles!

How are Pure Flo bottles sterilized?

Our bottle washers use a health department approved detergent and high temperatures. By state law, Pure Flo performs a 25 per million chlorine rinse before the final product water rinse.

How long does Pure Flo’s inventory last in storage?

Indefinitely, as long as the package is tightly sealed. However, we suggest that you keep it for less than six months in an area with no sunlight.

Does Pure Flo have electrolytes in it?

Yes, all water has natural electrolytes.

Is Pure Flo regulated by state and federal law?

Yes, by the State of California and the Federal FDA. These regulations exceed those for tap water which is regulated by the EPA. A detailed comparison of federal regulations for tap and bottled waters may be found here.

Is Pure Flo regulated by state and federal law?

Yes, by the State of California and the Federal FDA. These regulations exceed those for tap water which is regulated by the EPA. A detailed comparison of federal regulations for tap and bottled waters may be found here.

How much sodium is in Pure Flo’s drinking water?

At sodium levels of less than five parts per million, Pure Flo is considered to be sodium free by state and federal standards.

How much fluoride is in Pure Flo’s fluoridated water?

One part per million Sodium Fluoride is added to Pure Flo Fluoridated water, plus or minus 1/10 of one part per million.

What is the difference between steam distilled and purified water?

To label water as distilled, it must be processed with heat for evaporation, and then condensed. Pure Flo’s Purified water is accomplished through pressurization and Reverse Osmosis.

What is the difference between well water and spring water?

Well water is pumped to the surface from a lower level. Spring water flows to the surface through natural pressure as opposed to being pumped to the surface.

Is Pure Flo water effervescent?

No, effervescent water is bubbly due to quantities of gasses such as Carbon Dioxide.

Is Pure Flo water deionized?

Pure Flo uses a special process called Electrodeionization.

What kinds of minerals are added to the drinking water?

The same as are found in natural water, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, and Sodium Bicarbonate.

How long has Pure Flo been in business?

Pure Flo has been locally owned and operated since 1958.

Where does Pure Flo water come from?

The Pure Flo Deep Well source is a 910 foot well at our bottling facility at the base of Cowles Mountain in Santee. The well source is stainless steel encased to a depth of 900 feet.

How is Pure Flo water processed?

Pure Flo passes through Ultraviolet (UV) Filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) twice and a .5 micron filter. This produces Purified water. We then add minerals to bring the total dissolved solids (TDS) up to 135 parts per million (PPM).


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